Tips on How to Lose the Baby Weight after Pregnancy

Lots of women start thinking about how they will lose weight after their pregnancy – it is a very normal thing to do. However, after giving birth it can be hard to focus on losing the baby weight when all your time is spent in making sure your baby doesn’t start crying (and also you staring at the beautiful creation of yours). So, here are some simple ways to lose the baby weight which you can integrate easily into your day-to-day life.


Don’t want to go to the gym? Exercise at home using your baby. Do sit ups, arm lifts, squats, lunges and jog in place while holding your baby. As your baby grows and gains weight, these exercises will become more and more challenging. If this is not your style, try yoga! It is very common to see yoga classes being offered by hospitals and health centers for new moms. If you don’t want to make the trip, do at least 6 rounds of sun salutation at home every day and you will start to see the difference soon.

Initially, however, you should start with walking regularly. Take your baby for walks, either in a stroller or in a baby carrier strapped to your body, every day for at least 20 minutes. (If you use a stroller, doing lunges while pushing the stroller is a plus!) This will give your baby a change in scenery and some fresh air as well.

If you have access to a flight of stairs, use it! Walk up and down the stairs, and watch the calories burn. If you have stairs in your house, keep some essential baby items in the area where you are the most in the day and keep the rest in a room up the stairs. This will force you to walk up and down the stairs when you need the items.

Dance! It is a fun way to lose weight and boost your mood. Get comfortable clothes on, put the speakers on and dance your heart out.

If you are facing a problem motivating yourself to work out, connect with other moms and make plans to exercise together. Having people by your side who are facing the same problem as you will definitely help and motivate you.

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Diet Control

The keyword here is “control”. Do not go on a strict diet immediately after giving birth as it is very harmful for the body. Just eat the right food. It is important to control your diet but do not skip meals, especially breakfast. If you do, you will probably snack when hungry, which is not going to help you lose weight. Here are some tips for altering your diet to help you lose baby weight:

  • Substitute potato chips and cheesy delights with fruits and low calorie snack packs to fend off temptation
  • Substitute ice cream with yogurt
  • Drink more water – this will keep you full and away from snacks. Drink water at least once when nursing
  • Limit alcohol intake – to say not more than 2 cocktails a week
  • Limit intake of fatty foods.
  • Avoid sugary foods. This is important as after eating sugary foods, we have a sugar rush after which we get very hungry and want to eat more. Instead have milk, yogurt and high fiber snacks which will fill you and help with digestion.
  • Have high nutrition snacks like carrots, apples and salads. To add variety to your food, you could experiment with different fruit juices every other day.

Co-sleeping with a newborn Sleep

Sleep is super important! While it may be hard to get enough sleep in the first few weeks after the baby is born, try to get sleep whenever you can. Take naps! They will give you energy AND will keep you from snacking when bored. Studies show that moms who sleep for at least seven hours in a day are more likely to lose weight as compared to those who sleep for five hours in a day. Sleep when your baby sleeps. The household work has to be done, but it can wait – prioritise your sleep over it.

For tips on sleeping with a kid around, check out our blog post.

Things to remember

Be patient: It took you 9 months to put on that weight, it will take time to go away. Wait at least 6 weeks after your delivery to start seriously exercising. If you start earlier, it will not be good for your body. If you are having trouble losing weight, get help! Consult your doctor or dietitian to find out what kind of exercise and diet is good for your body. Do not compare your body and the rate you are losing weight to others – you have to remember that everybody’s body is different and works differently.

Lastly, stay positive and cut yourself some slack – you have given birth to a beautiful child and nothing is more important than that.

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