5 tips to declutter & organise your kid’s room

Children love toys and doodling and somehow these toys and artwork always end up all over the house. Even though parents try to keep things organised, it doesn’t always work.

Feel like your kid’s stuff just keep cluttering up in your house? Here are some storage and organization tips to declutter your house!

Throw away all the things you don’t need!

Get your family together and sort out things which can be removed from the house, for example, broken toys, old paintings and old clothing. This will make organizing and storing the remaining things much, much easier. You could also ask your kids to help you sort out things such as their artwork – they are likely to throw out a larger quantity of artwork than you are. Hard to discard things? Borrow some tips from KonMari, an expert of decluttering and a million-seller book author, and discard things that do not “spark joy”.

You could then donate the old and unused things to charity or even sell them second hand on websites such as craigslist (some extra cash hurts no one).

Categorize and label

Next, categorize your things – this could be on the basis on how often your kids use them (or any other category you are comfortable with).

LABEL! Labelling may seem tedious at the start but it helps when you or your kids are trying to find things.

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Use organizers!

  • Use mason jars or over the door shoe organizers for storing pencils, pens, scissors and other stationary
  • Use bins, buckets or boxes to store toys and categorize them by the type of the toys – for example, dolls, balls, stuffed toys etc – and label them accordingly. You can then rotate the toy bins – keep the ones which are used regularly within the reach of the children and then rotate the bins when they get bored of the previous selection. This will make the kids feel as if they are playing with new toys every time the bins are rotated.
  • Use clear or tinted bins and label them. This will make it easier for children to find their things and put them away – (a plus will be the reduced mess every time they have to find some toy).

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Let’s get into specifics


I know that almost every parent secretly fears LEGO boxes. Reason? Only a few hours after opening them, the kids just happen to lose some pieces which are then found a month later (or maybe six months even) in between the sofa seats or under the carpet. Here are some solutions for this problem:

  • Use ziplock bags to store the pieces. Personally, I like to store the LEGO pieces according the box (like LEGO City) they come from – this makes it easier when you have to build something from the box. You could also categorize them on the basis of their color of size if your child likes to build things based on their imagination. Don’t forget to label them – trust me, it helps a LOT.
  • Use toy bags like swoop bags to store all the pieces in one place. This is good for cleaning up after playing as all the kids have to do is dump the pieces in the bag and close it.

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Children’s art

All kids love doodling and slowly these drawings become a pile of artwork. One way to store and display this collection of artwork is hanging clipboards – this stores the art while it is also easy to change them whenever you want. You could also use a clothesline to hang the artwork in your kid’s bedroom either across the room, or on the wall – utilizing the wall space. Alternatively you could also take photos of the artwork and print it as a photo book or a collage while getting rid of the originals.

We hope that these tips will help you reorganize your kid’s room (or even the whole house) as per your wishes!

Picture source: HGTV.com, truevalue.com, designimprovised.com, myosceolalibrary.org.

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