16 Ways to Save Money When You Have A Baby

Having a baby is not easy. It tires the parents both physically and mentally. To top it all off, having a baby is not easy on the wallet. You don’t know where the money goes. I have seen many panicking because of the realization that having a baby is more expensive than their estimates. Don’t panic, here are ways you can save money when you have a baby:

Be a wise shopper!

1. Buy second hand baby clothes and gear: They are often in great shape and are used just once. Often people give away their baby’s clothes just after one wear because they have so many clothes or because the baby grew out of that size real quick. It is also good to buy special occasion clothing from second hand stores as they are unlikely to be used more than once.

2. Convertible gear – Buy gear which can be adjusted as the kid grows. For example, a car seat or a stroller which grows with the kid and a crib which can be converted into a cot.

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3. Don’t splurge on shoes – babies will not use it until they start walking and socks work well enough to keep them warm till then.

4. Hold off from buying things in bulk (except diapers) – Different kind of baby items suit different babies – buy a small amount of the item you want to use first and see if it suits your baby.

5. Resist buying branded clothes for baby – They are only going to wear it a few times.

6. Borrow things which you won’t need for a long time. For example, maternity clothes.

7. Save baby clothes for future kids – Additionally, it also a good idea to buy gender neutral colors or unisex clothes – this is especially useful if your second kid’s gender is not the same as the first.

8. Research well about the prices – You will be surprised to see the price difference in different stores, especially in the case of online store.

9. Samples and coupons are the way to go! Sign up for newsletters of different brands and they will often send you samples of their product. You can find coupons in newspapers, magazines and also through an easy google search – these coupons may help you receive free samples or even discounts in the stores when baby items are sold. You can also ask you pediatrician or the hospital for samples – manufactures give them free samples to be given to patients. Don’t be afraid to ask, you have nothing to lose.

Think natural and homelike!

We understand that these tips may be hard to follow through with as they are time consuming and require a lot of effort. But they are also highly rewarding, especially as they help to strength a mother-child bond.

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10. Make your own baby food – make and store in the freezer. It is a much cheaper than buying baby food from outside. Find easy recipes for baby food right here.

11. Breastfeed rather than using formula for the first few months. Formula is expensive and not as nutritious as breast milk.

12. Opt for cloth diapers instead of disposable ones after the first few months –  they are ecofriendly and much cheaper. However, the responsibility of laundry will fall on you.

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Use your friends, family, and community!

13. Make a baby gift list – so that your family and friends can actually buy you things you need or those which may be too heavy for your budget

14. Use your family and friends – be it for babysitting, used clothes or baby gear. Learning from their experience is a plus!

15. Share and trade – Use your network of new mom friends. For example, you could trade babysitting for baby food. This helps both the families.

16. Use the Library and Community centers. Check if the library or community center offers hobby classes for kids – they are generally cheaper as compared to private institutions. You could also buy a few books for your baby and borrow the rest from the library.


We hope these tips help you save money (which you can then invest in your kid’s education – you know that’s going to expensive.)


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