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Our Story


he founding mother of Memom, Waki was raised in a warm and loving home in the outskirt of Tokyo. Like many parents her parents too took pictures of her growing up.

The collected pictures beautifully compiled in an album help her and her parents recall those beautiful memories and the milestones of her life. Those pictures marked the most important moments of her and became a part of her identity.

But in the present times, we take thousands of pictures of not only our kids but also random scenes such as food photos. Ultimately, the pictures of our kids are buried under randome pictures and thus we never go through again.

Waki wanted people to feel the same happiness that she feels when going through her childhood photos. This is where Memom comes in, Memom changes the way you organize photos and preserves your memories permanently.

meet the team

  • Waki Yoneoka
    Waki Yoneoka Founder, CEO
  • Saranga Abeykoon
    Saranga Abeykoon Tech Lead
  • Jasmine Chang
    Jasmine Chang Community Development