Our Services

Photo organization simplified

All you need to do is to simply switch from a chat app to Memom for your family’s communication, and shared photos are organized along a beautiful timeline by each child.

Designed for Parents

We designed Memom specifically for non-tech savvy parents. We also take your kid’s privacy seriously. Memom is a private & safe place where you have a full control on who to share your photos with.



Accumulate kid’s pictures that were taken by you and your family in once place.  (Dads make  photo albums of your kids to make your wife proud)


A timeline per child – Don’t feel bothered anymore. Your kids, as they grow up, can look back all pictures from the day they were born in once place!

Group sharing

We understand each family has different communication style and family structure also changes over years. Create groups so that you can create environment for everyone to feel comfortable interacting at any moment!


Order print at your fingertips! You can choose from printing on posters, phone cases and photo books among many other options.